Quick apps provide a breath of fresh air to developers, publishers, businesses and users. They allow us to rethink the way in which mobile apps can better support the shift towards a digital everything society. They offer numerous benefits.

Quick Apps implement emerging W3C MiniApp standards using a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework with a declarative user interface and predefined components to design reactive apps. Read more about the technology in the Developer Guide.

The initiative, hosted by OW2, encourages a healthy and vibrant Quick App ecosystem in Europe and beyond. It’s a multi-party forum that embraces the ideals of open source (transparency, meritocracy, respectful collaboration) to raise awareness, explore use cases, create pilot apps and develop tools. Read more here.

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What is a Quick App?

Differences between Quick, native, and Web apps

Quick App is a new concept of light, native-like mobile applications, or mini-apps, that do not require installation and run directly on the operating system, offering high performance and a rich user experience. The Quick App concept is different to both native mobile apps and web apps, yet it also complements these other approaches perfectly.

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Your town deserves a quick app

Develop your own quick app in minutes

Every single town has its singularities. Some might be famous for their cultural heritage, others for gastronomy, winemaking, or unique museums. All towns have a fascinating history behind them, and their inhabitants have knowledge that complements the official archives. Large cities usually have tourism resources to publish online and offline guides highlighting their assets, but this is unattainable in smaller towns with fewer resources. Having this global challenge in mind, we have created a low-code solution for anyone interested in revealing their hometown’s famous and unknown gems. You only need a list of points of interest (PoI).

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QAI Meetup!

July 1st, Paris

We’re really excited to confirm that QAI will hold a meetup in Paris this Friday, July 1st. It’s looking to be a great opportunity to speak with the community, listen to some presentations, explore ideas and coding.

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Steering Committee no.5

April 13th 2022

Please find below links to the support slides and minutes from our 5th QAI Steering Committee (SteerCo) held 13th Arpil 2022. If you have any comments, thoughts, or suggestions please contact us on the mailing list (quickapp@ow2.org), or via chat. You can also create an issue within GitLab. Support slides Minutes And don’t forget, the next SteerCo is on June 15th 2022, 10am CET. Many thanks for your support and motivation. [Read More]