Quick apps offer a future facing alternative to the current mobile app dynamic. They provide a breath of fresh air to developers, publishers, businesses and users. At the same time, they also allow us to rethink the way in which mobile apps can better enhance the progressive shift towards a digital everything society. In fact, quick apps offer a multitude of benefits.

Quick apps are an implementation of emerging W3C MiniApp standards that provide a framework for mobile applications development based on widely known front-end web technologies (JavaScript, CSS …). Learn more in our Primer and White Paper.

The initiative

The OW2 Quick App Initiative (or “QAI” for short) was launched in June 2021 to encourage a healthy and vibrant quick app ecosystem in Europe and beyond. It’s a multi-party forum that embraces the ideals of open source (transparency, meritocracy and respectful global collaboration) to explore use cases where quick apps have the potential to significantly benefit development efficiency, user satisfaction and business growth. … read more

Latest Articles

The Instant Future

The other day I stopped to think about how quickly we can get, or do, almost everything nowadays. We have a random question, we search for the answer on our phones. We want to see our family on the other side of the world, we can simply video call them. We want the world to know that we’ve done something, we make a post on social media. We can order food from one of our favorite restaurants in town and get it still warm in a matter of minutes. We can even schedule a date with a complete stranger in a matter of minutes - how crazy is that?

The society that we are living in is one where the barriers of speed are being challenged everyday by technology, and this will only keep increasing in the upcoming years.

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Easy coding with quick apps

Prototyping with quick apps

In September this year, I attended AthTech'21, a conference on sports data and technology. There, we discussed systems interoperability and user (fans) engagement through technology. During one of the sessions, I presented an idea to attract the spectators' interest in concrete athletics events like throws and jumps. I developed a simple but functional prototype on a quick app.

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