Steering Committee

July 8th 2021

Please find below links to the support slides and minutes from our 1st QAI Steering Committee (SteerCo) held 8th July 2021. This was a really positive meeting which confirmed everyone’s motivation for moving both the initiative and the quick app ecosystem forwards. Notably, it was agreed that 3 Task Forces would be setup by different participants of the initiative (Gaming, Education, Sustainability) - a great example of everyone bringing their different skill sets to the table. [Read More]


Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem

OW2Con'21 is the annual event organized by OW2. This conference is free of charge and open to anyone and it attracts international experts to discuss about open source software in modern corporate information systems.

During one of the Ow2Con'21 keynotes, the Quick App Initiative was publicly announced.

  • When: 23-24 June 2021
  • Where: online
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