QAI was launched during in June 2021 by the following organisations:

Recently, the following organizations also joined the QAI:

The Quick App Initiative is recognized and supported by:

Also you can check all the current individual participants of the initiative, in the OW2 website.

Get involved

The QAI is open to everyone:

  • Any organization or individual regardless of geographic location;
  • Operating system and device vendors that implement Quick App engines, marketplaces, and other supporting tools for Quick Apps;
  • Content and service providers interested in end-user interactions using Quick Apps;
  • Marketing experts interested in the promotion of Quick Apps as a paradigm;
  • Developers, including professionals, hobbyists, and students, interested in Web and native app technologies;
  • Public institutions, including municipalities, with specific needs such as accessible services for citizens and visitors;
  • Research centers and academic institutions interested in innovation through agile technologies;
  • Innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs.

So, get involved now!