Quick Apps

Quick App is an implementation of the emerging W3C MiniApp standard that provides a framework for mobile application development based on widely known front-end web technologies (JavaScript, CSS,…). It enables developers to create “light” applications more efficiently with significant access to a host devices’ native resources and services.

A new paradigm of lighter and quicker apps.

Quick App main features:

  • Low-cost development: 20% less code than Android apps;
  • Zero-installation: one click to use it, less storage than Android apps;
  • Native experience: efficient native rendering;
  • Cross-platform: multiple devices and platforms;
  • Easy to find and promote: endless options for discoverability and promotion;
  • High retention rate: wide range of marketing mechanisms;
  • New opportunities: 1.2b devices running Quick Apps.

Learn more about Quick Apps, use cases, and its community on the Quick App White Paper, or the Quick App Primer to understand the Quick App platform.

The Quick App Initiative

The Quick App Initiative, hosted by OW2, is a multidisciplinary forum aiming at exploring vertical applications where Quick Apps have the potential to be part of a solution, as well as transversal activities that further core technologies across verticals, including (as appropriate) usability, accessibility, sustainability, privacy, security, and ethical standards. The initiative embraces the ideals of Open Source, transparency, meritocracy, and respectful global collaboration.

Learn more about the Quick App Initiative and join us today. You can also contribute with our code repository or keep in touch through our mailing list.

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